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In the Ptolemaic period Ptolemy II named “Philadelphus” the region and his capital after the name of his wife Arsinoe II, so the region was called “Arsenoits” and the city “Arsinoe” and continued to use that name until the Arab takeover of Egypt (642) and the region was known as “Fayoum” and its capital “Fayoum City”

Arsinoe’s vision of the arts:


Enriching the plastic art movement through the establishment of artistic forums in Egypt, and from different countries of the world, with the participation of senior plastic artists from Egypt and countries of the world.

The development of the visual vision to increase the sources of artistic inspiration for the participating plastic artists.

Support and stimulate tourism by including the programs of the artistic forums, visits to some historical and tourist places in Egypt.

Introducing some of the cultural and scientific aspects related to places of residence for meetings, which are consistent with the environmental atmosphere accompanying the place.

Giving the spirit of unity of peoples from different countries of the world represented by holding an exhibition at the conclusion of each forum that includes all the artworks of the artists participating in the forum.

Emphasis on embracing the Egyptian identity of the various cultures and arts of the countries of the world with an Egyptian leadership that carries with it the fragrance of history, civilizations and arts.

Participation in international exhibitions of major universities, external bodies and institutions to spread and rooting the Egyptian art and identity around the world.

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