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ElMaadi 27 March 2022

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Enriching the fine art movement through the establishment of artistic forums with the participation of artists from different countries of the world.
Develop the visual vision to increase the sources of artistic inspiration for the participating artists.
Strengthening and revitalizing tourism by including the forum program to visit some historical and touristic places inside and outside Egypt.
The exchanging of cultures and artistic visions, which takes place during the technical workshops on which the forum is based.
Consolidating the concept of fine art tourism through the workshops that take place during the tourism program.
To impart the spirit of unity of people from different countries of the world, Represented in the holding of an exhibition at the end of the forum that includes all the artworks of the artists participating in the forum.
Emphasis on embracing the Egyptian identity of the various cultures and arts of the countries of the world, with Egyptian leadership that carries with it the fragrance of history, civilization and arts.