On the fifth of the morning of Saturday December 21, 2019, the activities of the first workshop (the passage of the sun over Qarun Palace in Fayoum) will be launched for a group of plastic artists accompanied by an audience of those interested in the event and monitoring that great astronomical and archaeological phenomenon.

The sun passes over Qarun Palace in Fayoum

Qarun Palace was devoted to the worship of the god “Denisius”, who is the god of wine and love in Greece. Some things were added to it in the Roman era. It used to house Christians during the era of the Roman persecution of Christians, and it was called the word palace, after the Islamic conquest, and Muslims used to call the temple “palace” .

This astronomical phenomenon was discovered by Dr. Magdy Fikry, and its celebration began in 2010 AD, and the sun perpendicularly for 25 minutes until it enters the entrance to the temple and then seeps through the axis of the temple to illuminate the middle compartment of the Holy of Holies, which supposedly contained the sacred complex of the god Sobek to deviate To the right to illuminate the right compartment, which was supposed to contain the statue of the god, while the left compartment remains submerged in darkness, and it contained a mummy of the god Sobek the crocodile, which should have been kept in the dark.