The International Salon 2020 of Plastic Arts in LA ROCHELLE – FRANCE πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

22 October : 8 November 2020

Organized by “Association du Salon d’Arts Plastiques de LA ROCHELLE” – FRANCE.

Egyptian participation in the international salon

Preparations have been made for the participation of Egyptian and foreign plastic artists under the umbrella of the Egyptian Pavilion organized by Dr. Dina Tarif for the first time in 34 years in the International Salon in La Rochelle in France with a group of different countries of the world. The period from October 22 to November 8 2020


Authorization of La Rochelle Association for an Egyptian organization

Authorization from the SALON de la Rochelle association in France headed by (Christian Toulouse) member of the French Artists Syndicate
Dr. Dina Tarif worked as / Deputy Director of the Foundation in Egypt and the Middle East, to represent the Society’s interests during the preparation and during the International Exhibition of the International Salon of Plastic Arts 2020 in La Rochelle, France: to organize the selection of a group of plastic artists from Egypt, and to organize all preparatory work related to contemporary Egyptian art, and includes its specialization Organizing all necessary activities related to the handover of works to the exhibition venue. And following up on the work that is done electronically, such as participating in electronic indexing and translating English and French texts, and performing all other formalities related to the performance of this task in state institutions, municipalities, associations, and activities with third parties, as well as communicating with the press and the media to express the views of the exhibition organizers, and increase artistic and cultural awareness.
The period of this art event in France from October 22 to November 8, 2020


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