The event will take place in the White Desert in Egypt from 24 to 28 November 2020, the Arsenoy Forum for Arts, the Bahariya Oasis
The forum aims to draw visual inspiration from tourist places and nature to develop your artistic practice and build new skills that you can return to your field of work.
Participants will engage in five days of art-making, consisting of daily morning and afternoon workshops with the participation of faculty members of professional artists and scholars.
Participation in up to two workshops and dual occupancy in the residential residences The community meals covered by the program include a welcome dinner, continental breakfasts, and a closing exhibition.

Arsinoe Forum for Arts Bahariya Oasis program
24:28 November 2020

First day
β€’ Moving from Cairo to the Bahariya Oasis (350 km) 7 p
β€’ Hotel accommodation at 11 AM
β€’ Preparing and preparing for the venue for the workshops
β€’ Enjoying the natural sulfur water swimming pool, mountain climbing, sunset views 4: 6 pm
β€’ dinner 7 pm
Free tour in Al-Bawiti

The second day
Breakfast at 8 a.m.
β€’ Drawing and painting workshop 9:00 am-3:00 pm
β€’ An internal trip to the oases of natural places (the hierarchical mountain reserve, the dinosaurs area, the underground wells, the salt lake, the Black Mountain) 4: 6:30 pm
β€’ Dinner at 7pm at Campfire (BBQ), a Bedouin party

The third day
Breakfast at 8 a.m.
β€’ Safari trip 9 am: 10 pm with 4×4 cars
(Black Desert, Bedouin Village, Crystal Mountain, Al-Aqabat) + Visiting the White Desert Reserve (Mushroom) and some rock formations carved with natural factors + moving among sand dunes
β€’ Dinner in the Bedouin camp in the desert 7 pm
β€’ Watching and observing the stars
β€’ The return of the hotel 10 m

The fourth day
Breakfast 7 a.m.
β€’ Drawing and painting workshop 9:00 am-3:00 pm
β€’ Free tour of the Al Wahat Al Bahariya markets, which are distinguished by dates, olives and environmental products
β€’ dinner 7 pm

The fifth day
Breakfast at 8 a.m.
β€’ The closing exhibition of the 11th Forum Forum
β€’ Departure to Cairo 2 pm

With my best wishes for a distinct, artistic and visual gathering
Dr.. Dina Tarif